Launching ‘Rock the World’

 As part of our Rock the World initiative, Rock the 21 partnered with World Hope’s Enable the Children (ETC) in Freetown, Sierra Leone. ETC is comprised of dedicated local and expatriate staff who provide physical and occupational therapy, care and support services to children living with disabilities. Their services are crucial in a culture that largely misunderstands and undervalues individuals with disabilities. ETC is the only organization that currently provides this level of care in Sierra Leone.

Currently, the staff at ETC travel to visit children in their homes to provide therapy and care, teaching families and caregivers the best way to support their children in their everyday environment. However, the amount of travel limits the amount of children that can be seen. This is the reason Rock the 21 jumped at the opportunity to help ETC implement their own therapy room.

ETC secured a room at the local hospital, and with Rock the 21’s donation, they started transforming the once storage room into an inviting therapy space for children. Thanks to our Rock the 21 supporters, 25 children will now be seen each day, and the impact of this donation will be felt for years to come!